Just bought my tickets to what I like to think of is the Comic-Con of the Midwest, C2E2 in Chicago. C2E2 is billed as the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and brings together artists and entertainment personalities from across the print and screen areas.

This year, my daughter and wife are excited because Veronica Roth will be there with her new book “The Fates Divide.” She is best known as the author of Divergent which happens to be favorite in the house.

In the past, we have met such artists as Jim Cummings, who voiced one of our favorite Disney Hero Darkwing Duck. Dan Parent who is known for the Archie comics. Skottie Young who has done Marvel work and is known for the comic book adaptations of Baum’s Oz books.

I think conventions like this and Comic-Con are important to bring awareness to the great work being done out there and bring the artists closer to their fans. It is great to see the eyes light up on a child, and adults, when they realize they are meeting the person who puts the illustrations or words to the piece of media that entertains them.

I am looking forward to this year’s event and hope to get to meet a number of the artists I enjoy on a regular basis.

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